12-minute Law For First Date

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Do you know the first 12 minutes rule of a date?This is based on research showing that within the first 12 minutes of a date, you almost always know what's going on and whether or not you want to continue dating. How can you make the 12-minute rules useful during your dating?

12-minute Law For First Date

1.First two minutes

The first time you meet someone, you can start with a compliment. If a girl comes to the date, she will definitely have her makeup, hair, clothes and so on rearranged. So we can compliment her on her good looks or clothes.

2.Take a five-minute break.

Generally speaking, we will basically agree to meet at a place that is easy to find. In fact, there are still a few minutes away from the destination.So we can take the initiative to start some topics and ask the girls how far they are from here and if they have any interesting experiences on the way.

3.Order for two minutes.

In the beginning, we can take her to a drink shop.Some girls are shy, so we can make a choice for her and ask her about her taste actively, which will make her think you are very considerate.

4.Talk for three minutes.

Let's start with the first topic.After ordering, you all sit down, so further communication is needed.We can ask about food or travel that everyone likes and find out what a girl is interested in so that she will be interested.

If the girl responds instead of playing with her phone, then we've passed the first 12 minutes.So the girl's impression of us is certainly good.

It's hard to get a date with a girl that you really like, so we need to focus on the 12 minutes of a first date. It is necessary for us to earn these dating skills to complete the test.

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