Bella Simpson

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Bella Simpson

ABOUT Bella🎤🎤
🐶"I'm 25, living in Chaska, MN, USA.
🐹I'm seeking male / sugar daddies 28 - 60
🐼When I'm not busy working you can usually find me walking my dog, watering my plants, laying in my hammock with a good book, at the gym getting my sweat on, DT walking around and or hiking, playing with makeup, I love make up! I don't wear it very often during warm/hot seasons, I love playing video games ( I'm not a "gamer" just enjoy a gaming night every so often ), or eating! I LOVE food! I enjoy Mexican food, pastas, pizzas, sandwiches and burgers any damn day!...

😼If I'm being honest I'd have to admit I'm not really sure what I'm looking for in a relationship because clearly I'm doing it wrong, but I know what I'm not looking for and we can talk about that over dinner. I do know I am more of a no strings attached kind of gal and want someone who willingly and ENJOYS to add value to my life.

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