Dating A Sugar Daddy: 7 Safe Steps You Must Know

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I believe many of you have considered being sugar babies, who are eager to live a luxury life, no worry about tuition and bank bills. You can ask for anything as long as sugar daddy can give you, which seems to be very perfect if you have sugar daddy. But the bottom line is that adults should be able to do what they want.

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Now, I have an important question for you to think about carefully.

What are some safe steps you can take before dating a sugar daddy?

  1. Be Honest With Yourself.
  2. Know more about him for your safety
  3. Be Clear About The TERM.
  4. Manage Your Own Personal Relationships.
  5. Act Confidently But Be There For Him.
  6. Are You A Casual Fling Or An Affair?
  7. Have A Backup Plan.

Nowadays more and more people are being open, and their attitude towards sugar dating is acceptable as their friends around them are in the relationship.

Everything is going well as long as you understand the terms and agreement of sugar dating.However, being OK and feeling safe are also very important. You need to know first that sugar dating is different from normal dating, some sugar daddies doesn’t want a normal relationship, so you need to be sure to protect yourself.

If you’re thinking about dating a sugar daddy, follow these seven detailed steps to stay safe:

1. Be Honest With Yourself

Before looking for a sugar daddy, you need to be honest with yourself about what’s your motivation of being a sugar baby. If you are the person who cannot avoid getting too attached to man, or easily get jealous, maybe this is not for you. There need to have some boundaries between you and your daddy, they don’t like to control or limited by a full-time girlfriend. They are comfortable with relationship full of stipulations are best suited for these kinds of arrangements.

Otherwise, you also need to think about the situation if you fall in love with other man, and what if he cares what you did before even though you gave up being a sugar baby. Furthermore, the same goes for how you’ll deal with family and friends, if it’s something you’ll feel shame or guilt about, it’s better to stay away from it.

2. Know More About Him For Your Safety

Once you've decided to date a sugar daddy, it's important to figure out what kind of man you're interested in.I hate to disappoint you, but there probably aren't that many perfect single men out there looking for this kind of relationship...Maybe they are very high-demanding, maybe they are married, or maybe they travel a lot and just want to see you or talk to you when they are bored.Some of them may even be old, or overweight, or not very attractive...Even if they are cute, they will have some problems that make it impossible for them to have a stable relationship with a woman.As long as you don't expect too much from a sugar daddy, you're unlikely to be disappointed.

What kind of man you date will greatly affect your safety.

You may feel free to enjoy yourself by shopping around the mall when your daddy is busy working all day, but you need to figure out why he wants a sugar baby, or you are likely to put yourself into great danger, and you don’t even notice a bit about it. Does it sound horrible? What do you think will happen if he has a jealous wife, who find out your exist? Or what should you do if you get into legal trouble for dating him?

There are many things you need to figure out before you decide to date with a sugar daddy. Don’t forget to learn about him and protect yourself.

3. Be Clear About The TERM

Term is the priority before you decide to make a date with your sugar daddy. It’s a common misperception that dating a sugar daddy always involves sex.

But there is also an exception. Some men just crave female companionship, they want to get close to the edge but not leap over it. After getting married for a couple of years, they have cute and smart kids, which seems their life are perfect, but there are always some of them who cannot satisfy the current situation, they feel more and more lonely and misunderstood especially under deep work pressure. So they want their life to be filled with a sense of freshness - finding a young and energetic sugar baby . It might make them feel young or alive when they are dealing with stressful work all the time.

Even if this relationship may not involve sex, but you also need to make a clear term of the relationship. All you might be up for is offering companionship when he expects more.Be explicit and forthright about your expectations so both of you know where the boundaries are, and also be clear the rules if he wants more in the future.

Making rules about how often he can call or text, or even how much you’ll see each other help.If he struggles with those initial boundaries, then it’s an indication he’s not going to honor your other terms…

Make sure you test the waters before you put yourself in any potentially dangerous situation like being someone alone with a new man.

4. Separate Your Own Personal Relationships To Sugar Life

Everyone has their own personal life, as a sugar baby, you should be able to separate your personal life and your sugar lifestyle.You need to know yourself and how you manage relationships in order to be successful. Please remember: do not mix sugar life with your personal life. Sugar life is special and discreet, you can benefit from it as long as you keep it secret from others and perform as how sugar daddy asks. You have no idea what others will say to you if you disclose to them, indeed, sugar dating is considered as a disgraceful dating for most of people.

Try not involve sugar daddy into your personal life, which also means that you’d better not have feelings for him. Maybe your ideal sugar daddy is handsome, full of humour, gentle and single, but there are some differences between ideal and reality. You have to be clear why he looks for a sugar baby instead of a girlfriend, he maybe in a relationship and just wants some fun. So please no not show your real feelings to him in case you get dumped.

There’s a good chance you’ll eventually find someone you’re interested in dating personally.You need to consider whether that means things with the sugar daddy are over.Some women are open about their sugar daddy relationships and don’t view them as a barrier to romance.It’s always a good idea to be honest with a partner you care about.It can be hurtful and damaging, not to mention trigger a lot of drama if your boyfriend discovers on his own that you’ve got a sugar daddy on the side.

5. Act Confidently But Be There For Him

Most sugar daddies are used to being in charge when it comes to every other aspect of their lives, that they expect relationships to be the same. They are willing to provide what sugar babies need, but in return, they also have certain expectations. You cannot build a long-term relationship if you act suspiciously about their motives, as I told you before, don’t feel feelings for sugar daddy. Even if he may be surrounded by some beautiful women in his company, you also need to leave some space to him. To some extent, you are in a cooperative partnership based on term, which means you have no rights to interfere his life.

Be confident in the arrangement and in your interactions with him. Be there for him and fulfill his need by being positive and supportive.It will make things go much smoother and you’ll be more satisfied.If you’re dating a sugar daddy, you might as well make the best of it and enjoy his company.Having a clear understanding of what it is both of you are doing will make things easier.You’ll know what he needs and can help with whatever void he’s looking to fill in life.

6. Are You A Casual Fling Or An Affair?

There's a big difference between casually dating a sugar daddy and being the mistress of a married man.

If you have moral concerns about getting involved in an affair, think twice before having sex with a sugar daddy, even though there are some potential benefits.If you're not sure what he wants, a fling or an affair, then you should ask him.

Not knowing what you're doing can hurt you emotionally and even physically.Some women who don't know they're dating married men get hurt because their wives find out and come to them.You need to know if this possibility exists and manage the relationship appropriately.If you're a casual philander, you'll be able to let it go.However, when an affair is part of it, you need to take precautions to protect yourself.You may not want to reveal too much about your personal life to him, what if his spouse finds out, you never know if he'll keep it a secret.

7. Have A Backup Plan

Dating a sugar daddy is more common than many people think, but it's still not mainstream.

Many women still feel they need to hide this type of relationship from the people they know because they are afraid of being judged or judged. Hiding a sugar daddy is understandable, but it's not the safest thing to do.Think about how your family or friends can't help you if your personal safety is threatened.

Have a backup plan in case things go wrong.

You should always put some information about your date wherever they can find it, whether it's your profile from when you met the sugar daddy online or his contact information.Tell your friends or family what's going on in your life.You don't have to be completely open about what you're doing, just describe him as the person you're "dating."If things go crazy, at least they'll know how to help the police find some clues.

Don't exaggerate, most women who date a sugar daddy are perfectly safe.As long as both of you agree on the terms of a relationship and are willing to obey within those terms, a sugar daddy relationship is mutually beneficial.Both men and women can get what they need without sacrificing a part of their lives that they don't want to sacrifice.

However, following these 7 safety rules will protect you from harm and any unnecessary personal exposure that makes you uncomfortable.

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