Dayana Moore

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Dayana Moore

🐶"I'm 18, living in Atlanta, GA, USA
🐹I'm seeking male / sugar daddies 18 - 99
🐼Hello ❤️ my name is Dayana, i am 18 years old. I'm a great person, fun, spontaneous and loving. Im really trying to put myself through cosmetology school without the help of my parents and also a car to get there has been a major part of my current problem so i havent been able to apply yet since conditions are shaky but hopefully🙏 ill be able to start soon !I like to laugh like gut hurting laughs, listening to music, reading, writing manefestations meditation and anything outdoors is a great day. Would like to meet someone who matches my personality and can have fun but, also can have serious interesting conversations.

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