Found A Nice Person!

2020-08-2620:16:21 Review 935

I was chatting with about 10 ladies pretty fast upon signing up and this lovely lady was the only one I had a really strong gut feeling about, she seemed like a genuinely nice person, which is what I was looking for, and we had a lot of things in common. We met for dinner after two weeks and all my feelings were confirmed and we've been seeing each other exclusively since. Not sure where the relationship will go or what our future holds, but we both feel good about each other and feel good around each other, and continue to like what we are learning about each other, just a nice feeling inside for both of us to one level or another. She's beautiful inside and out and all I know is my feelings for her have consistently increased a little each time I learn something new about her, nothing so far that I have learned about her has taken my feeling in the other direction.

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