Opinions:The Main Difference Of Dating Elite & Rich Singles And Normal Dating

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"I think the biggest difference between dating the elite is the age gap.On casual dates, I found myself going to places where I met people of a similar age and financial status.With the elite, I feel less need to prove myself and less need to put on a show because both parties know what the other wants and what they can bring."


"Dating the elite will definitely open more doors for me.But they will expect too much of him because of their wealth.But dating a normal guy is much better because you don't have to expect too much.You don't have to pretend. You can be as free as a bird.No hesitation.The best memory I will cherish is to go out without extravagance and enjoy the beautiful sunset hand in hand."


"Normal dating involves a lot of emotion, while dating elite and wealthy singles is more of a mutual appointment.I say this because, for example, in a normal date, I wouldn't let my man have other girls, but when I'm dating an elite, wealthy single man, I don't mind if he has other girls, as long as they don't get in the way of fulfilling the agreement I made with my man."


"On regular dates, I've met men who have asked me to take them (on a motorcycle), buy myself a drink (for $1) or just want me to have sex because I've met me once."In elite dating, all expectations are clearly set from the start, which is a win-win for both parties.Although I have never met anyone who USES this software, I believe it will be a happy experience。”


"The difference with the elite is that they tend to be more carefree.In a normal relationship, little things that might cause stress or problems tend to disappear in a relationship with the elite.The possibilities are endless!Not that normal relationships are boring, but there's never a dull moment with the elite!They are always so creative and adventurous that even resting at home can take them to a new level.It's a completely different experience."

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