Stay Safe While Sugar Dating: Safety Tips for Sugar Babies

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Nowadays more girls choose to be a sugar baby, indeed, sugar dating is fun, and you have many choices of dating with different sugar daddies. But there are always some people who like to judge sugar babies behind their back, which make a difference on girls when they decide to be sugar baby. As far as I’m concerned, no one should be blamed for being a sugar baby, as everyone has the rights to choose their lifestyle of their own.

There are chances you will have a blast mixing and mingling with the many different types of sugar daddies out there.

So before you venture forth, you need to keep in mind that there are always a few rotten apples intent on spoiling the party. Such scammers and fakers have been known to exist even on the best sugar dating websites  posing as potential sugar daddies.

Keeping these rotten apples from spoiling your fun as a sugar baby by following these tips for sugar babies.

1.Keep Your Information protected

Your name, where you live, and where you work or go to school. At the beginning you know a sugar daddy, you definitely have no idea if he is a true sugar daddy or not. All of these details might come up when you start chatting with a potential sugar daddy, and they seem like to share harmless details, but we still highly recommend you keeping from telling your information to him.

Once you find a mutually beneficial arrangement that is true and works for you, then you can shar these details to your sugar daddy. But in the first beginning, you’d better create a mock identity that close to your real details and use that information until you are 100% sure that your sugar daddy is trustworthy.

2. Get a “Sugar” Phone Number

Google Voice is a really good choice for this, which allows you to choose your phone number from a database of many available numbers around US.

You can then link you google number to your real phone number, and all the calls made from others to your google number will automatically be re-routed to your phone, which makes it convenient for you to use another “sugar” phone number.

It also adds the convenience that every caller needs to state their names before they make a call, so you know who they are before you pick up the phone.

Even better, Google Voice transcribes voicemails for you so they are easy to read. And it’s also really easy to block numbers using Google Voice.

Even better, when you receive voicemails from others, the Google voice can transcribe voicemails for you so that it is easy for you to read when you are not available for listening voicemail. Also, you will find it easy to block numbers using Google Voice.

Besides that, Skype is another option. It takes about $20 for 3 months for an online number, and you have to pay for credit if you want to make outgoing calls. But it functions like an actual phone, so you can keep your Skype call record completely separate from your own phone’s call record.

The most convenient for using a skype number is that you don’t need any other devices as long as you have a smart phone on which you can download the Skype App, which is a really functional way to separate your anonymous online life with your real one.

3. Receive Gifts Without Compromising Yourself

I believe many sugar babies are happy to receive gifts from sugar daddies, but some potential sugar daddies may want your bank account when they are going to offer to send you stuff. When you are not sure if he is a real sugar daddy, don’t give your bank account to him, send you paypal address instead.

Maybe some sugar daddies are going to offer to send you physical gifts, before that they need your actual address. Don’t give it to them, your house address is very important, or you may get into dangerous trouble even life threats. Set up a P.O. Box instead and you can give that to sugar daddies freely.

In fact, until you’re in a steady arrangement with someone you know and trust, don’t share any personal details that could jeopardize you.

4. Talk on the Phone Before Meeting

It’s not always easy to suss out someone’s personality via email, but you can get a much better idea about someone simply by spending a few minutes on the phone with them. Maybe just one-time phone call cannot know someone, but insist on a few phone chats so you can get to know them a bit better.

By phone chatting, you will know if you like the way he talks, if you have the same topics and you might also come across a few guys who give you the creeps over the phone and in the latter case, you can save yourself some time by deleting him off your “sugar daddy potentials list.”

5. An Identity Check Before Every Date

Does doing identity check before every date sound a little paranoid? But it's good for your safety and your time. Some sugar daddies aren't who they claim to be at all, and make sure to check out his profile on Google before a first date to see if it matches up. Why waste time dating a fake sugar daddy when you have a Google?

Some sugar daddies prefer anonymity, but most will give you a phone number and name. That's when you need to do all the back calls. If you do a research, you can find their full name, address, whether they have a house, who lives with them and so on.

You can then match that information to what they tell you to see if the person is legitimate or lying. Another good idea is to look this person up in the sex-offender database. Some sites offer database searches by name and location. Google is the best friend of a girl

6. Always Insist on Public Meeting Places

This is obvious, and it applies to all online dating. Even if you've been talking to a potential sugar daddy for a long time, the first meeting should be in a public place with lots of people around.

Under no circumstances should a potential sugar daddy invite himself into your home (a red flag, by the way). If he invites you to his home, decline politely.

Occasionally, a sugar daddy will pick you up in his car. Politely decline and suggest that he hire you a private taxi.

To be honest, most meetings with strangers are good. Most "sugar daddies" are friendly people. But it's better to be safe than sorry. Meet in a public place. To be honest, most meetings with strangers are fine. Most sugar daddies are nice, friendly people. BUT it is always better safe than sorry. Meet at a public place.

7. Get a Sugar Buddy

Sugar dating has a bad reputation, and it's understandable if you think it's inappropriate to reveal your new identity to friends. But at the same time, someone needs to know where you're going and who you're meeting.

If you don't want to tell your friends, do yourself a big favor by logging on to your "sugar Babies" site and contacting some of the "sugar babies" that resonate with you. It's important to have a confidant and a safe partner when you're on a sweet date.

And most candy babies are happy to hear a candy baby and are probably looking for the same.

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