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Get ready to swipe right to find your match.

  • Widely used and well-known
  • Alot of members
  • Users aren’t matched based on their personalities

Tinder is best known as an app, but it can also be used online.Tinder allows users to swipe other users' profiles: to the left if you're unhappy, to the right if you're interested.Tinder's simple and ruthless approach has made it one of the most popular dating sites right now, and when you use it, it almost feels like a game. 

You only need a Facebook account and a mobile phone number to set up a Tinder account.Once you sign up for Tinder and specify the gender you want to match, the app lets you upload up to six photos and write a profile about yourself.You can also choose to link to other social media accounts so people can see you and get in touch with you.The whole sign-up process is simple and takes only about three minutes, which is far less time-consuming and comprehensive than eHarmony.

Tinder is based on range matching, with a search radius of up to 100 miles, so you'll see people relatively close together, and the match will only show up when both swipes to the right.

Tinder is free to use, but you can upgrade to Tinder Plus or Tinder Gold if you want to add a few extra features, such as unlimited updates to missed profiles, to increase your visibility on Tinder.Tinder is designed for those looking for a soul mate.The key to successful online dating is to be honest about what your real needs are.

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