What do you think of sugar daddy – sugar baby relationship?

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I think the premise of a SD-SB relationship exploits young women, particularly those from a low-income, minority background.

What do you think of sugar daddy – sugar baby relationship?

Speaking from experience, I was initially drawn to websites such as sugardaddymeet.com  because of the promise of money, luxury, and adventure.  Somehow in my deep heart, I would like to try something different from normal life, especially when my ex boyfriend broke with me, and slept with another girl. Over the course of two year, I entered into an arrangement with 2 different sugar daddies.

I’m sure that when I look back on it after I finish my studies and start a real career, I’ll feel pity for my former self. But I will not regret for what I’ve done, I will get what I want to achieve my goals, and finish my study without worrying about the expense of tuition.

Some of my friends are from well-off families and the idea of sleeping with an old man would repulse them, irrespective of how much money or holidays he offered.

However, unlike them, I didn’t have parents who regularly transferred me money, bought me a car, and paid for me to travel overseas during my gap year. I had to work all throughout my studies, pay rent, and worry about putting food on my plate.

So for me, as long as you made a decision and are ready to pay for the consequence from being in the relationship, it’s fine! No one has the right to blame you,judge you, only you yourself!

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