Will You Fall in Love with Sugar daddy/Sugar Baby?

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It's natural to start a relationship with a sugar daddy, but remember that the relationship is transactional first and romantic second.You will probably fall in love with each other, but it's best to remember that this is mainly about meeting each other's immediate needs.Keep your mind open and don't be too attached.To control your emotions, you can keep a journal so you can watch the relationship develop from your perspective.You have to constantly reflect on yourself: How do I feel about his relationship with us?Did I get everything I needed?What should I do if he dumps me?If I fall in love with him, will we be able to get along as before?Wouldn't it bother the sugar daddy if he knew I was in love with him?These are all questions you need to think about.

We choose this way of life because we can get what we want from each other.It's kind of a contractual relationship, so all we can do is maintain the contractual relationship, not break it, so that we can continue to get what we want.Each takes what he needs.Because in the end, we have to live our own lives.

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What Does Sugar Daddy/Sugar Baby Mean to You? Dating Stories

What Does Sugar Daddy/Sugar Baby Mean to You?

Obviously, this is different for everyone.I've always seen it as a virtual boyfriend and girlfriend, giving you a sense of companionship, even if you're not necessarily together.Both benefit, since most sugar daddies give their sugar baby pocket money.It seems to me, obviously, t...


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