Would You Mind an Intimate Relationship with Sugar Daddy?

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In the beginning, "Sugar daddy" and "sugar baby" were actually Platonic."Sugar daddies" pay their babies to give them attention, love and time, and I can't understand why some people have sex just for money.I'm not the kind of person who could easily go out and get a man to pay me for sex.I am looking for a real thing, I will give him all my time, love and affection, he helps me, I need something, not a gift, unless I want, he really just needs to help me with my bills.After a while, if all goes well, I'll give him my body and let him do what he wants.I want my sugar daddy to know that I'm there for him whenever he needs me.I won't have many good dads unless he chooses to part, or I'm going to be completely his.

I don't mind intimacy, and I don't understand why people make you feel like you shouldn't be intimate, or that intimacy feels strange.If you have a crush on someone and they do so many good things for you, how can you say no?Personally, being spoiled really gets me excited, so as long as we're completely safe, I don't think it's a problem.

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